Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Podcasting Goes to College

Podcasting goes to college - Playlist

I wish this was around when I went to college.  Although, when I was in college, I didn't have an iPod or any other MP3 player for that matter. 

One of the concerns expressed in this article seems very valid to me; if the students can download the lectures, why would they bother going to class?  I know I scraped by on a few classes just by reading the lecture notes provided by the professors; I would have been more of a delinquent if I had a recorded copy of the entire lecture to listen to.

I may be the exception more than the rule, though.  I knew plenty of hard working students who went to the lectures, took copious notes, and recorded the lectures on one of those mini tape recorders.  For these students, I don't think podcasting would have much of an impact, other than to reduce the amount of hardware they have to cart around.

But back to what this means for podcasting; if this becomes common in schools, it could mean big things for the field in general.  Already almost 10 million Americans have downloaded podcasts recently (see my previous post).  Imagine if almost every college student becomes accustomed to using podcasts to review lectures?  You want to bet that when they unwind, they will go look for podcasts on topics more "fun" topics?

Podcasting goes to college
Playlist, CA - 2 hours ago
... education lists. Boston-area universities are among those increasingly integrating podcasting into the classroom technology mix. The ...

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Nearly 10 million people have downloaded a podcast

Nearly 10 million people have downloaded a podcast -

I don't think anyone should be surprised by these numbers, but they illustrate the growing trend that podcasting is becoming more mainstream.  It's great to see stats like this, because it makes podcasting seem all that more worthwhile.  It's good to know that there are people out there looking for the stuff I am producing.
Nearly 10 million people have downloaded a podcast - 10 hours ago
Podcasting continues to attract an ever-growing audience, Nielsen/NetRatings said last week. The company reported that 6.6%, or ...
Podcasts coming to IU Indiana Daily Student
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Friday, July 14, 2006

Casting, One Pod at a Time

Here's an article highlight the diversity of interests that cause people to podcast. From political to promotional motivations, people around the word are embracing the ease of creation and accessiblity of podcasting.  There is really no better way to get your message out to the masses.

Casting, one pod at a time

Lloyd Gedye

What do Tony Leon, Jo’burg rockabilly band the Slashdogs and Pastor Mark Taylor from Zimbabwe have in common? The answer is all three have embraced the new digital fad that is podcasting.

A podcast is an audio file that can be downloaded by multiple users and listened to on a portable music player or a computer.

Most podcasts take the form of a broadcast, with new episodes available for download at regular intervals. These broadcasts often contain interviews, music and commentary that cover a niche topic.

Tony Leon’s podcast is all about the Democratic Alliance, Slashdogs Radio promotes local bands and Taylor has a podcast that deliberates on the current state of Zimbabwe.

Casting, one pod at a time : Mail & Guardian Online

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Association of Poetry Podcasting

This just goes to show that podcasting isn't just for commercial purposes.  Here's a great site offering poetry podcasts.  Great way to expand your horizons.  And podcasting on topics like this is a great way to enrich other people's podcast experience.

Site of the week: Association of Poetry Podcasting

By Michelle Pauli / Site of the week

Podcasting has been a gift to poetry and there's a wealth of lyrical shows available at iTunes, from the Easy French Poetry podcast (does what it says on the tin) to Little Red's Writing Hood (which doesn't, but is worth a listen). But how to sort the verse from the worse? Some of the early adopters of the medium are troubled that the cream of the crop is getting lost in the iTunes listings as the service offers no guidance on the quality of the podcasts it promotes. Their solution is the rather grand-sounding Association of Poetry Podcasting, which aims to "make it easier to get an earful". The website lists member podcasters and gives a brief description of their offerings. Most of the podders featured at the moment are US-based, but one of the founder members - the splendid Slam Idol Podcast - is British and more will surely follow. Would-be members must fulfil criteria for admission that act as a quality control mechanism. There is also a forum on which poetry podcasters and fans can discuss their favourite shows and poets.

Site of the week: Association of Poetry Podcasting from Guardian Unlimited: Culture Vulture

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac

I'm not too familiar with Macs, but I'm told they are some of the most user-friendly systems to use for all things multimedia. Since podcasting does fall under that category, this article might be worth checking out, since it goes over the basics of podcasting on a Mac.

Recording a podcast is about capturing audio. You may record your voice, include a song, interview somebody over Skype or iChat, or play sound effects. No matter what the source of the sound, it has to be captured and recorded by software on your computer.

In this excerpt, I walk you through some software programs that I recommend using for audio capture: Audio Hijack Pro, GarageBand and Audacity. (In the “Record Your Podcast” chapter in my book, I also discuss SoundStudio. There are also tips on Soundflower, a shared audio space that makes all these other tools work better with multipe audio streams.


Macworld: Secrets: Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac, Page 1

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Disneyland debuts video podcast

Disneyland debuts video podcast - Internet Travel News (press release)

Disney is one cool company.  In a lot of ways, they seem to "get it."  While I have spotlighted a few companies that are just starting to recognize the benefits of podcasting, Disney has been podcasting for over a year, and now they are getting into video podcasting (aka vlogging).  This company certainly knows how to market their brand using new technology.
Disneyland debuts video podcast
Internet Travel News (press release), UK - 6 minutes ago
Following the launch of its popular monthly audio podcasts the Disneyland Resort in Southern California has introduced a new monthly series of video podcasts that will bring the "The Happiest Place on Earth" to fans around the world via their desktop computer or video iPod.

As one of the first organizations to successfully venture into audio podcasting (launching its first podcast in May 2005), Disneyland Resort now debuts the ...

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

4th Third Thursday To Focus On Podcasting

Check this out.  An interesting look at podcasting from the point of view of PR and marketing.  This is probably one of the most fascinating directions podcasting has been taking, as businesses are realizing that podcasting is not just a form of "internet radio."

Mike Manuel

Expert Author

Our next Third Thursday meetup will be on the fourth Thursday of this month (July 27th). This next one will dive into podcasting in the context of PR and marketing, and we'll be looking at things from a coupla different angles, including podcast production (from a producer's standpoint), advertising on podcasts and marketing to/with podcasters. And if that ain't enough podcasting for you, we'll be podcasting the entire talk. Phil Gomes, the host of Edelman's earSHOT podcast will be leading the discussion and he'll be updating the meetup page with our speaker lineup here shortly. Hope to see you there.

4th Third Thursday to Focus on Podcasting

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Podcasting spawns a burst of online music, talk shows

Podcasting spawns a burst of online music, talk shows - The Journal

Want to know how other people are podcasting? Here's a great article on podcasting in Westchester County, NY. It discusses probably the more expected podcasting category - music, as well as some others who are podcasting on topics such as Golf. Very interesting read.
Podcasting spawns a burst of online music, talk shows
The Journal, NY - 1 hour ago

Roger Zeitel considers himself a bit of a rebel, so it's appropriate that the White Plains musician is subverting traditional media with his Internet music talk show.

"The media we know is going to disappear. We're throwing out the gatekeeper," said Zeitel, a computer science teacher who records interviews with local musicians on his own equipment.

As the price of computer recording hardware falls, people like Zeitel with passions for niche topics are producing their own radio shows and putting them on the Internet for anyone to download.

"It's the democratizing effect of technology," said Zeitel, who performs locally as Roger-Z and The Zygotes.

In Westchester County, local podcasts, which derive their name from the iPod music player produced by Apple Computer, range from talk shows on golfing and musicians, to music blocks of alternative hip-hop and soul.

Podcasts don't require an iPod. Anyone with the proper software can download shows to a computer or put them on an MP3 player for portability.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

The Duality That Is Podcasting

Fascinating discussion of the nature of podcasting by Paul Colligan. Very interesting, thought-provoking article. This is just an excerpt, you can read the whole thing at the link at the bottom.

Podcasting is two things - a medium of communication and a media channel. Point 1 - There is nothing like the freeform nature of a Podcast. It is a unique medium. I think of Adam and Patricia chatting about their dislike for the "W" hotel chain or Rob geeking out over his interview with Moore and I love the options this medium provides. I won't even begin to discuss the nature of Rocketboom or Tiki. Point 2 - Taking other mediums and not offering a timeshifted option down this channel is just plane silly. We recently "replayed" a teleseminar on Marketing Online Live that, although popular with our listeners, is hardly a "true" Podcast. I was downstairs at a mixer at the Podcast Secrets event when the teleseminar was held. I'm thrilled I can get it delayed - and will be listening to it today when I get on the plane. And we aren't the only one doing this - I think of the mighty Doug Kaye's Conversations Network as an example of how powerful this approach is. There are 2 kinds of Podcasters - those with a goal of monetization (direct or indirect), and those who (only) do it for love.

Paul Colligan’s Profitable Podcasting » Blog Archive » The Duality That Is Podcasting

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What I Want Podcasting Network Expands into Bodybuilding

What I Want Fitness and Partner to Syndicate ... - PR Web (press release)

As more evidence of the ever-extending reach of Podcasting, now is joining forces with the What I Want Podcasting Network. Now all What I Want Fitness podcasts will be heard by's membership.
What I Want Fitness and Partner to Syndicate ...
PR Web (press release),?WA?- 2 hours ago
What I Want Fitness, a weekly video podcast show developed by the What I Want Podcasting Network, has teamed up with to syndicate the highly ...

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Podcasts Penetrate B2B Marketplace

Research Finds: Podcasts Penetrate B2B’s Mainstream Marketplace - Emediawire (press release)

This research highlights what we are all becoming increasingly aware of; Podcasting is increasing in relevance and importance in many marketplaces. This study highlights how B2B survey participants are aware of podcasts, and the frequency with which they download and listen to them.
Research Finds: Podcasts Penetrate B2B’s Mainstream Marketplace
Emediawire (press release),?WA?- 3 hours ago
... And, there is plenty of upside as the innovative media types, like podcasting, blogging and RSS, are still gaining momentum in the technology buying community. ...
Type of content: ANALYST REPORT InformationWeek
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